Simplify your ITin the Cloud

When you run your applications in the Cloud instead of on your desktop you’ll notice the benefits immediately. Our award winning Cloud Desktop is a user-friendly managed solution which allows you to keep all of your business’s software and data in one highly secure place.

When combined with Key Methods’s other IT services, Cloud Desktop gives you all the technology solutions your organization could ever need.

The benefits of Cloud Desktop

Cloud Desktop - Wenatchee, Seattle, Tacoma

No On-site Servers

When we host and manage your software in our data centers and deliver it to you remotely you’ll achieve more, with less.

Cloud Desktop - Wenatchee, Seattle, Tacoma

Single Sign-on

Say goodbye to multiple logins with a secure access management system that lets you log in to all your apps with just one password.

Cloud Desktop - Wenatchee, Seattle, Tacoma

Complete Mobility

Access your documents and applications through your laptop, smartphone or tablet and work from anywhere at anytime.

Cloud Desktop - Wenatchee, Seattle, Tacoma

Stay Compliant

Industries that need to adhere to compliancy regulations can sleep easier knowing data is safely housed in a enterprise-level security system.

Cloud Desktop - Wenatchee, Seattle, Tacoma

Superstar Support

Whether you need help on-site or remotely via our end user helpdesk, we’re here for you when you need us - wherever you are.

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