LastPass Password Management

Solve poor password habits easily and quickly, so you can secure every account with one, simple login

Scalable, comprehensive password and identity management.

We’re excited to announce our new partnership with LastPass, a password management solution. With LastPass, you will never have to write a password on a Post-It note again!

How many different usernames and passwords do you use on any given day, work-related or otherwise? Whatever the number, it’s likely too many to remember. So how do you keep track? Do you use the same password across multiple accounts? This leaves all of them vulnerable if just one account is hacked. Do you use Post-It notes or an Excel spreadsheet labeled “Passwords”? Not exactly a best practice.

This is why we’re partnering with LastPass; a password management system designed to make your life easier and more secure. LastPass helps you take three critical steps to ensure your online accounts are protected:

  • Create complex passwords that the bad guys can’t easily guess.
  • Identify and help you change re-used passwords, so that the loss of one password won’t give the bad guys access to multiple accounts.
  • Keep all these complex passwords in an encrypted vault that nobody but you can access.

LastPass makes it even easier to complete these steps by remembering the web sites you visit and automatically logging you into them – so you never have to actually remember (or even worse – type!) those complex, hacker-proof passwords.

LastPass Business Edition Provides

  • Eliminate employee password reuse - Ensure employees practice great password hygiene with the integrated LastPass Password Generator.
  • Manage passwords from one place - Give every user their own personalized vault, while maintaining oversight with a robust admin dashboard.
  • Protect your sensitive data - Keep everyone’s credentials, notes, and info safe using LastPass’ zero-knowledge security model.
  • Share passwords simply and safely - Securely share credentials where employees and clients require access and organize shared credentials by Groups.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – Provide biometric authentication protection for user’s password vaults, single sign-on apps, VPNs, workstations, and identity providers.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - Add an unlimited number of SSO applications, with over 1,200 apps already pre-integrated.


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