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Easy to Use Document Management Software

Efficient, intuitive software that lets you archive, store, and search documents with ease

M-Files is a professional document management system that enables businesses to make dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize, manage, and track business documents and processes.

M-Files eliminates the need for messy Windows folders by organizing documents using simple tags and keywords. Documents are stored in a centralized vault, but instead of repeatedly searching for the right folder, you simply save documents to the vault and tag them. With its operation resembling that of Windows Explorer, its user interface is familiar to any Windows user which means employees are already familiar with most of the operations.

M-Files is more accessible, more secure, faster, and simpler than My Documents or My Computer -- just type in a tag or perform a full-text search right from the Open or Save dialog box of any Windows application.

M-Files is also available as a cloud-based service (M-Files Cloud Vault) for a low monthly fee. It runs on the Microsoft Azure platform, eliminating the need to purchase and configure a server to get all the benefits of M-Files.

Why choose Key Methods’ Document Management service?

  • Orderly files - Documents are kept organized using simple tags and keywords.
  • Time efficient - Tag name and full-text search mean less time spent locating files.
  • Cost efficient - Microsoft Azure eliminates the need for purchasing and configuring

They have been instrumental in keeping our network running smoothly and securely.

They have been instrumental in keeping our network running smoothly and securely.

Being a small business, I thought I could take care of setting up our network and then maintaining it. Realizing how time consuming and stressful it was, we started working with Key Methods. They have been instrumental in keeping our network running smoothly and securely. Our workstations and server ...Read More

Mike Ratliff
Quality Manager
New Tech Industries


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