Video Cameras


UniFi Video Camera

The UniFi Video Camera is designed for use indoors or outdoors under an overhang with 720P HD resolution at 30FPS.

Mount Anywhere Whether Indoor or Outdoor

Features a wall, ceiling and pole mount with built-in microphone

Ethernet and Infrared LEDs

Powered through Ethernet and comes with infrared LEDs with automatic IR cut filter, available in a single-pack or 3-pack.


UniFi Video Camera Dome

The UniFi Video Camera Dome comes with a 720P HD resolution at 30FPS camera and is powered through Ethernet.

Perfect for Indoor Use

Discreetly integrates into any ceiling surface and comes with a built-in microphone

Never Miss a Thing

The wide-angle lens and infrared LEDs with automatic IR cut filter mean maximum surveillance for your peace of mind; available in single-pack or 3-pack.


UniFi Video Camera Pro

The UniFi Video Camera Pro features up to 1080P HD resolution at 30FPS.

Weatherproof for Indoor and Outdoor

Sleek design meets durability for outdoor as well as indoor use with wall, ceiling and pole mount. Available in a single-pack.

Clarity That Brings Everything Closer

With a ⅓” Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) sensor and 3x optical zoom and infrared LEDs with automatic IR cut filter, video surveillance has never been more powerful.


UniFi Video Camera Micro

The UniFi Video Camera Micro provides a 720P HD resolution at 30FPS.

As Micro as Video Surveillance Comes

At the size of a golf ball, the UniFi Video Camera Micro is designed for indoor use with built-in microphone, dual-band 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi connectivity for streaming HD videos.

Ultimate Viewing Adjustment

Easy installation through wall, ceiling or corner mount. Comes with a magnetic base used for power transfer and 3-axis viewing adjustment, making sure you never miss a thing.