Video Software

Pre-installed on the UniFi NVR for quick and easy deployment, the software can also be downloaded and installed on a Windows/Linux system.

Full Features

The UniFi Video interface is extremely intuitive and comes equipped with powerful features like detailed statistical reporting, multiple views, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics and customizable event recordings. Camera settings are integrated into the software for your ease of use.

Motion Detection and Live Views

The UniFi Video cameras handle motion detection instead of the server to ensure that compression and noise won’t affect motion detection. Playlists can also be created with a configurable live camera feed rotation. Simply define the cameras you want included in the playlist and how long you want them to appear on the screen before moving to the next live feed.

Mobile Access

The UniFi Video Web interface is accessible on iOS and Android tablets and phones. With that, you can ensure complete peace of mind knowing you can keep a watchful eye, whenever you need to and wherever you are.

Disk Management Option

Enjoy automatic recoding management to free up disk space, as well as user-definable disk space, and date-based auto purge which allows you to keep a set amount of free disk space or automatically delete recordings after a certain number of days. Mapping external USB or network storage drives can also be done easily in next to no time.

Cost-Effective Solution

Redefining the power of IP surveillance software with no large upfront costs and no monthly subscription fees.


Event Recordings

UniFi Video software provides a variety of options and settings to customize what your cameras record.



Upload a map of your location(s) or use Google Maps to represent the areas where your cameras are located.


Event Recordings

Customize your own motion detection zones. You can place several zones and set their alarm sensitivity levels as high or low as the situation demands.