Video Surveillance Overview

Easily Scalable IP Surveillance Systems

Easily scale IP surveillance camera networks to hundreds of plug and play, high-performance devices across multiple locations. Manage and control your system with intuitive software packed with powerful features and analytic capabilities — all without licensing fees or support costs.

Mobile Access

The UniFi Video web interface is accessible on iOS and Android tablets and phones.

Cost-Effective Solution

Shattering conventional industry thinking, Ubiquiti offers UniFi Video’s powerful IP surveillance software at no additional cost. No huge upfront costs, no monthly subscription fees.

Robust Cameras

A variety of indoor/outdoor, HD cameras including built-in microphone and power through ethernet.

Feature-Packed User Interface

UniFi Video interface is incredibly intuitive and loaded with powerful features such as detailed statistical reporting, multiple views, versatile camera settings, advanced analytics, and customizable event recordings.