Server Virtualization

Increase Data Security, Maximize Physical Resources

Server virtualization allows you to maximize physical resources in the most efficient way possible. By running multiple, independent, virtual operating systems on a single computer, you can reduce the cost of maintenance as well as increase server utilization.

The computing resources of your physical server are pooled and used by virtual servers in a controlled manner, with each virtual server isolated from the others, leaving them unaffected by the actions of other virtual servers.

Benefits of our Server Virtualization solution include:

  • Increased server utilization
  • Centralized control of all desktop OS and applications
  • Reduced power and cooling requirements
  • Better control over virus and malware outbreaks
  • Increased data security and remote access

Key Methods offers a range of hardware, software and services to help you virtualize your IT infrastructure.

Don’t wait to maximize efficiency and reduce IT costs.